Adam Murray of Subtle Disruptors – taking control of his life – Episode 20

In my next interview episode on the Financial Autonomy Podcast we chat to Adam Murray from the Subtle Disruptors Podcast.

In this interview we cover:

  • How a difficult personal time highlighted the need for Adam to take some leave from his career and reevaluate his life
  • How the Good Life Project gave him a framework to take a gap year
  • How identifying four key priorities during that gap year has now impacted his life
  • The power of being present in the moment
  • The focus on his health and how it impacted on his four key priorities
  • How he managed financially to take a gap year
  • How living frugally changed him and how it helped to develop a better understanding of what makes him happy
  • How structuring his work around 4 days a week has allowed him to retain focus on his priorities after going back to work
  • His journey towards self employment and his desire to make an impact
  • The importance of designing a life on your own terms and creating a true work life balance
  • Why you can only sacrifice part of your life only for a period of limited time
  • The guests that have made the biggest impact on him as a host of the Subtle Disruptors podcast

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