So what is Bitcoin? Episode 24

In this episode we are joined by ICT professional and cryptocurrency expert Ivan Jasenovic, who describes himself as having his head in the cloud, his soul on the Blockchain, and his heart in decentralized Healthcare.

In this interview we cover:

  • The benefits of Blockchain technology and whether you truly need to understand how Blockchains work
  • The different types of cryptocurrency and examples of when you would look to use each one
  • How bitcoin works and has the same value per unit no matter where you live
  • Whether different cryptocurrency would merge together and their future specialised uses
  • Why reputation is the most valuable thing in this space
  • How cryptocurrency could be used in health and other industries
  • Case studies of Shaun and Jimmy and their experience investing into blockchains
  • How getting hacked increased their blockchain investment
  • The concept of a wallet in the cryptocurrency world
  • How you need to act like ‘the bank of you’
  • The importance of back-ups and password security
  • How a lost hard drive located in landfill is now worth millions
  • The question of regulation and the future of Governments in cryptocurrency
  • The battle between white and black hats

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Sunshine Coast Blockchain  Meetup