How to make money with Amazon – Episode 28

With Amazon now in Australia, we talk to John Cavandivish from FBA Frontiers on how to make a side hustle by becoming an Amazon seller.

Before starting his Amazon Europe journey, John had zero experience with running an online business. After university, he joined the corporate world in London but rapidly realized that it was not for him.

After launching his first Amazon brand in 2014, John was soon able to quit his job to travel the world and network with other successful Amazon sellers from around the globe. Today, he’s generating 6 figures of revenue per month from over a dozen products in Europe. John’s experience led him to develop a specific, step-by-step system to find success with every product launched.

John developed FBA Frontiers because so many sellers he met had great businesses on, but had completely dismissed Europe. He’s since made it his mission to help sellers overcome the barriers to entry in the EU and find success by bringing their products into Europe.

In this episode we cover:

  • What is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?
  • The territories in which Amazon operate and how the fees are calculated
  • Getting started as an Amazon seller
  • The low risk business model as an Amazon Seller
  • How to find the right products
  • The profit margin you need to
  • The importance of having an ad spend on Amazon when launching
  • How Amazon ranks products
  • The lifecycle of the product
  • The benefits of doing a niche product
  • What you need to for branding when getting you
  • The minimum quantities you need to get started
  • Things to consider when FBA starts in Australia and the first mover advantage locals have
  • What the future holds for Amazon

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