How Lloyd Ross created a 6 figure income with a part time network marketing business – Episode 32

Networking marketing has changed since the days of Tupperware and Amway.  Today I am joined by Lloyd Ross who talks through how our online behaviours and advances in technology have revolutionised the world of network marketing, making it an easier side hustle than ever before.

In this episode we cover:

  • What network marketing is and why you need to consider this as a viable side hustle
  • How social media has evolved the industry
  • The skills and attributes to be a successful network marketer
  • The ease of getting started with just a few hundred dollars
  • How to fit in a Hour of Power for your side hustle while working full-time
  • The evolution of network marketing due to changes in shopping habits, technology and online networking
  • How to find a product and company that aligns with you and your values.

Links mentioned in this Episode

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