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November 29, 2023

Is Super Worth the Risk?

This week’s post is inspired by a question I got for my Ask an Expert column in the Fairfax press. A reader asked whether it was worth adding extra money to super given the balance goes up and down. She can put $5000 in one day, only to see the balance drop by that amount … Continued


November 23, 2023

What is Factor Investing?

You’ve almost certainly heard of index investing, also sometimes called passive investing. Here investment portfolios are constructed to replicate I given a market. The weighting given to each individual stock is determined by the size of each company, its market capitalisation. So for instance in the Australian market, the largest allocation would be to BHP, … Continued


October 25, 2023

When do SMSF’s make sense?

When does it make sense to move your superannuation savings into a Self Managed Super Fund? Is not shifting to an SMSF a wasted opportunity? Who should have a self managed fund? This week we’re going to get you answers to all these questions. So if you’ve ever wondered whether a Self Managed Super Fund … Continued


October 11, 2023

What are Annuities and what role do they play in Retirement?

Annuities are a product most people have heard of, but don’t know exactly what they are, or when to use them. With interest rates returning to more normal levels, annuities are coming out of the deep freeze. So this week I thought I’d take you through the basics of annuities so you have an appreciation … Continued


September 13, 2023

Crushing Debt: A Guide to Paying Off Loans and Building Wealth

We all know that interest rates have leapt up quickly in the past 18 months. Whilst many people have been protected thus far by fixed rate mortgages, as these roll off, more and more of us are starting to feel the pain. That being the case, paying off debt has bubbled to the top of … Continued


September 6, 2023

5 Key Steps to Building Wealth for Professionals in Their Prime

1.      Create a solid foundation   There are three things I consider foundational to successfully build wealth and achieve financial autonomy.   First you need to understand your cash flow. What does it cost you to live, how much do you have coming in, and is there a surplus?   Without surplus cash flow there’s … Continued


August 9, 2023

Understanding Risk Profiles: Their foundational role in attaining Financial Autonomy

The relationship between risk and reward is one we’ve explored many times. Anyone pursuing a Financial Autonomy goal through investment needs to contend with the typical desire to achieve their objectives as soon as possible, whilst adopting a level of risk that enables them to sleep comfortably at night. When you start working with a … Continued


July 12, 2023

The Impossible Question – why it’s so hard for investors to decide between shares or property

For an investor trying to build wealth and achieve financial independence, a question they will inevitably face is whether they should be sending their savings into stock market investments, or paying off an investment property instead. In my experience, most people decide which fork in the road to take based more on comfort and personal … Continued



June 28, 2023

Could You Be Over-Saving?

To achieve peak performance athletes need to train. Train too little and they risk lacking the fitness and skills to achieve their full potential. Train too much though, and they risk fatigue and injury. A balance needs to be found in order for the athlete to succeed. When thinking about money and finances, the typical … Continued


Saving Strategy

June 14, 2023

Should I Top-Up My Super?

This week’s episode is another one inspired by a recent client question, one that we get asked multiple times each year. Should I be topping up my super? The primary motivation in seeking out an answer to this question is to determine whether you’re on track to have enough retirement savings for a comfortable and … Continued


June 7, 2023

Preparing for the Unknown: Tips for Being Ready if You’re Made Redundant

Redundancy. With the Australian economy slowing as the impact of higher interest rates begins to bite, job cuts are likely to accelerate. Layer on top of this the potential impact that artificial intelligence might have on the white collar workforce of the future, and it’s easy to understand why many people are feeling anxious about … Continued


May 12, 2023

When can I cut back to 3 days per week?

A goal for many of the clients that we work with is to cut back from the need to work a traditional 5 day work week. In this video we consider when it would be possible for Dominic to cut back to 3 days per week, without putting himself in financial stress later in life. … Continued