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October 29, 2020

Which Financial Independence pathway is right for you?

So you have a goal of achieving Financial Independence. Fantastic. Financial Independence provides the potential for enormous freedom in life. But how to get from where you are today, to your chosen nirvana? Of course you need clarity on your goals, and a robust cash flow plan to maximise your savings. But with those two … Continued



Self-Employment & Side Hustles

October 20, 2020

Success Story

Jonathon Hawkins completed the Invest in Shares with Confidence course recently, here he shares his experience.   Tell us about your situation prior to undertaking this course I started a new career about 6 years ago in the automotive industry. My eyes were opened up to earning potentials with commission based income. I had a … Continued


September 11, 2020

Zero Returns On Cash And What This Means For Investment Options

For cautious investors, the safest option has usually been touted to be cash. COVID-19, however, threatens to turn longstanding monetary policy on its head. Even in Australia, there’s been discussion of the possibility of negative rates as shutdowns and social restrictions constrain normal economic activity. For people exploring ways to keep their wealth safe, this … Continued


September 9, 2020

How to use a Core/Satellite strategy in your share portfolio

One of the most popular pathways to achieving Financial Autonomy is through investing in stocks. Stock market investing has a tonne of advantages – ease of diversification, low transaction costs, ease of liquidity, and being highly regulated to guard against investor fraud. Perhaps the number one reason share investment is so popular for those looking … Continued


August 26, 2020

Why (and how) I wrote Financial Autonomy – the money book that gives you choice

It was wonderful to be approached by a publisher to write a book. It felt like validation that the effort I’d been putting into the Financial Autonomy podcast, and the weekly Gaining CHOICE email were being recognised, and the ideas conveyed were interesting and valuable. I enjoy writing, and as much as putting together enough … Continued



Saving Strategy

Self-Employment & Side Hustles


August 18, 2020

How could You become Self-Employed?

I became self-employed in 2005. It was one of the most important decisions of my life, coming behind only to teaming up with my wife and starting a family. Are you ready to make the same move? Are you ready to become self-employed? If so, read on because I’ll be covering all the key considerations … Continued

Self-Employment & Side Hustles

August 5, 2020

Axelrod, Gekko and Martha Stewart – let’s talk Insider Trading

What is insider trading, why is it a crime, and why does Hollywood seem to love it so much? Millions of words are written on current issues. As a producer of contemporary content myself, it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming the reader or listener has had an interest in financial markets and … Continued


July 22, 2020

Why Modern Monetary Theory is suddenly the cool kid (and why you should care)

 I started writing this piece for inclusion in Gaining CHOICE, our weekly email. But as I read more and more the piece became longer and longer until it was clear the idea of Jobs Guarantees and Modern Monetary Theory warranted a post all of their own. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) sounds dry, I know, … Continued


July 1, 2020

Is singledom denying you financial success?

In Australia the most recent census found a quarter of the population was single, with the Australian Bureau of Statistics forecasting a 65% increase in single households by 2036. The increase in singledom is being seen throughout the world. In Norway and Sweden half of all households are now singles. When it comes to finances, … Continued

Saving Strategy

May 27, 2020

Transition to Self-Employment Without Going Broke

I’m hugely excited to share with you the release of Entrepreneur You – Transition to Self Employment Without Going Broke, our new online program in the Financial Autonomy Academy. It’s the first course we’ve created that combines one-on-one coaching with self-directed online learning modules. The feedback I’ve received from our beta testers has been fantastic … Continued

Self-Employment & Side Hustles

May 13, 2020

How does work from home change Financial Independence? – Episode 145

Most office workers have quickly had to adjust to working from home in recent weeks. The pace at which businesses were able to make this happen has been quite extraordinary. Before COVID 19, if you’d told most companies they needed to transition to work from home arrangements, it would have been a 12-month plus planning … Continued

Self-Employment & Side Hustles

April 29, 2020

7 tips for buying shares in volatile markets

Volatility and share investing go together like honey and crumpets. As a share investor, how can you use volatility to your advantage? And how can you ensure volatility doesn’t derail your strategy to build wealth and gain choice in life? I’ve invested through the GFC, the Asian Currency Crisis, September 11, the Japanese tsunami, Brexit, … Continued