I don’t have time to start a side hustle – 8 tips to slay this dragon – Episode 76

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I don’t have time to start a side hustle – 8 tips to slay this dragon – Episode 76

One of the best ways to gain choice in life is to become self-employed, and a great way to bring that aspiration to life is by trying your hand at a Side Hustle. For the uninitiated, a Side Hustle is a business that you create as a second income to your primary source of making a living. It can be used to pay off some debt or build an investment, but it can also be a way to test out a business idea that could perhaps become your full time gig in the future.
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But there’s a problem. How do we find the time? In today’s post I’m going to share with you 8 ideas I’ve found that might help you side step this obstacle.

Be realistic. There’s no point setting yourself up for failure. Let’s say your planned Side Hustle is to become a yoga teacher. To achieve that you need to work through the training, then you need to find work to gain experience, and then you can look to build your own clientele.
If you have a full time regular job, then maybe setting yourself a goal of having this all done in 3 months is unwise. What is likely to happen with such an unrealistic time frame is that you blast away for the first few weeks, then fatigue, and after a few more weeks quit and feel like a failure.
I see this a lot with people who start podcasts. A podcast that stops after 8 or 15 episodes is borderline pointless. But it happens all the time. These podcast creators set themselves up for failure with release schedules and production formats that they can’t sustain.
So be kind to yourself, and be realistic. Think about what is possible given your other commitments and build your Side Hustle to suit.
Morning time. I know that not everyone is a morning person, but for the bulk of us, first thing in the morning is our most productive time. Getting up an hour earlier could give you the time needed to breathe life into your Side Hustle. The household’s quiet, and you’re rested. It’s a great time to get stuck in. And an hour each day can really create some momentum.
Many years ago I had a brief Side Hustle writing a text book for an education provider. I got this done by getting up early Sunday mornings for 4 months. I committed 3 hours each session, and I got it done. It certainly helped that I knew it was only for a limited time. But it certainly worked for me. I was fresh and productive, and it didn’t impact greatly on my family time or weekend.
Cancel Netflix. Could you find the time to build your Side Hustle by simply watching less television? Roy Morgan research found that Australians watch a touch over 18 hours of television per week.
We all need our down time, but a realistic Side Hustle might only need an hour per day. So cut 7 hours out of your TV watching per week, and you’re in business. And all while still finding time for the Bachelor!
Reduce social media time. Social Media Today reports that the average person spends 116 minutes per day on social media – almost 2 hours! – every day!
Now I totally understand that you need to find time to read my Twitter feed – @Paul_Benson11 by the way – but perhaps there’s some scope to put your social media following time to better use working on your Side Hustle.
As a handy side benefit, many people find that less social media equals more happiness.
Find a business partner. Back in episode 37 I interviewed Tracey and Jo from Sistermixin on the incredible success they had generated in just 3 years with their online business. Jo initially started this business on her own, but it became all consuming. So she asked her sister Tracey to give her a hand. With two of them pushing things forward, they were able to make rapid progress, and quickly each were able to leave their previous jobs and work full time on their business.
Teams magnify outcomes. None of us are all seeing and all knowing. Having someone else to bounce ideas off, or work on things that perhaps aren’t your strength, can help propel your Side Hustle forward.

Put your lunch break to use. Most days I sit at my desk to eat my lunch – not ideal I know, but I’m sure I’m not alone. I do want to take a break, but I can’t just look at the walls. I find this is a great time to search for a Youtube video on something I want to learn.
If you’re starting a Side Hustle, there will be all sorts of things you need to learn – from email marketing, to book-keeping, to boosting a post on Facebook. Indeed it is the learnings that you get from trying your hand at a Side Hustle, that is a core benefit. So while you munch on your 3 leaf salad, washed down by a vanilla slice, think about what you could learn to make progress on your Side Hustle goal.
Note down your ideas whenever they pop into your head. It’s all very well to schedule your day so that from 6-7am Monday to Friday you can devote yourself to your Side Hustle endeavour. But what happens when an idea pops into your head whilst you’re doing the grocery shopping, or waiting for the dentist?
Personally I use a combination of Evernote and Trello to capture these ideas before they evaporate out of my brain. The tool doesn’t matter – I know people who carry around a physical note book for this purpose – just have a way to note down ideas when they strike you. Then when you sit down to work on your project, so can refer to these notes, and jump straight into productive mode.
Don’t feel that you have to do everything yourself. Outsourcing sites like Upwork can enable you to delegate tasks to people all around the world. Sometimes, a job that might take you several hours to complete, can be done by an expert in 20 minutes, keeping costs to a minimum and enabling you to spend your time on things you are best at. With the judicious use of outsourcing, your Side Hustle project can be gaining momentum, even while you’re at your day job, or in bed asleep.
Well, there you have my 8 ideas for you to overcome the problem of not having enough time to start your Side Hustle. As mentioned at the start, I’ve created a simple dot point list for you of these 8 suggestions, which you can download here.
If the topic of Side Hustles is something you want to explore further, have a good look around our site, as we have several great resources to help you succeed. Feel free to drop me an email if you need me to point you in the right direction.

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