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Property – Yes or No with Veronica Morgan – Episode 172

This week I chat with Foxtel’s Location, Location, Location co-host Veronica Morgan and challenge her on some of the current narratives around property investment. Veronica’s a woman of strong opinions which made for a fun and entertaining chat.



Episode 171

Post Election US Market Update with Amy Irvine in New York – Episode 171

This week I speak with New York based financial planner Amy Irvine to learn what’s happening there right now, and what it means for investors.   Disclaimer


Episode 169

Which Financial Independence Pathway is right for you?

Regular listeners will know that I frequently refer to the 3 pathways to Financial Autonomy – investing in stocks, investing in property, and building a business or being self-employed. But how to determine which pathway makes the most sense for you to pursue? That’s what we’ll be exploring in this week’s episode. General Advice Warning


Episode 167

What is the data telling us about the Australian Property Market with Pete Wargent

Pete Wargent is a property investment expert. He is a buyer’s advocate and does various bits and pieces within the property space. Pete’s background is as a chartered accountant. The content he produces on property investment tends to be very analytical and data driven. So I’ve invited him along to get his insight as to … Continued



Episode 166

Is it time to gear into shares?

When investing in property, it’s largely a given that you’ll be borrowing as a core element of the transaction. Indeed often, you’re borrowing the entire purchase cost. Borrowing to buy shares however is often approached with trepidation, despite the many advantages shares offer around the ease of altering the transaction size, diversification and the speed … Continued


Episode 164

Why (and how) I wrote Financial Autonomy – the money book that gives you choice

Regular listeners will know my book Financial Autonomy – the money book that gives you choice, came out last month. In this week’s episode, I explain why I wrote it and how it fits into my mission of helping more people gain choice. During the various interviews I’ve done promoting the book one of the … Continued


Saving Strategy

Self-Employment & Side Hustles

Episode 163

Market Update from the largest fund manager in the world – BlackRock

Really excited for this episode. I chat with Thomas Taw, the Head of Investment Strategies Asia Pacific for BlackRock. For those who are unfamiliar, BlackRock is the largest fund manager in the world. It’s a wonderful opportunity to gain insight into how a business with the global resources they have at their disposal is seeing … Continued


Episode 162

How to use a Core/Satellite strategy in your share portfolio

One of the most popular pathways to achieving financial autonomy is through investing in stocks. Stock market investing has a ton of advantages including ease of diversification, low transaction cost, ease of liquidity, and being highly regulated to guard against investor fraud. A popular stock portfolio strategy is known as the core/satellite approach. In today’s … Continued


Episode 157

Axelrod, Gecko, and Martha Stewart – let’s talk Insider Trading

What is insider trading, why is it a crime, and why does Hollywood seem to love it so much? Today I wanted to discuss Insider Trading. It’s something you’ve likely heard of. The name gives you a sense of roughly what it’s all about, but that’s likely as far as things go. So let’s explore … Continued


Episode 156

Investing, digital advice, and low cost solutions with Ted Richards of Six Park

Looking for an easy and low-cost way to get started with investing? Ted Richards from Six Park might have your solution. Listen to our chat via the player above.   Resources & Links Six Park Financial Autonomy Book General Advice Warning


Episode 155

Why Modern Monetary Theory is suddenly the cool kid (and why you should care)

I started writing this piece for inclusion in Gaining CHOICE, our weekly email. But as I read more and more the piece became longer and longer until it was clear the idea of Jobs Guarantees and Modern Monetary Theory warranted a post all of their own. Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) sounds dry, I know, and … Continued


Episode 154

What to do when a family member needs Aged Care – with age care expert Susan Cooper

What’s Aged Care have to do with financial autonomy and gaining choice? At some point, your parents are likely going to need age care and it might come down to you to solve it for them. An awareness of how the system works and some of the basics, is something I’m sure you will find … Continued