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Episode 15

The Sharemarket – A beginner’s guide

If you catch a snippet of the radio in the morning on your way to work, you’re likely to hear what happened to the Dow Jones overnight. If you read your news online or watch the news on TV it’s likely you’ll hear about the All Ords or maybe the ASX200.  You might even come … Continued


Episode 14

How to avoid the most common financial mistakes – Part 3

Today’s episode is the 3rd and final look at the most common financial mistakes I come across when advising clients.  Thanks for your comments and feedback on the previous 2 posts, it seems that many of you have battled with some of these issues yourselves, and there were a few other mistakes that you’ve managed … Continued


Episode 12

How to avoid the most common financial mistakes – Part 1

Enough people have hit their thumb with a hammer for you to know that it hurts quite a lot. You don’t need to do the experiment yourself. Resources & Links Blog Article How to avoid the most common financial mistakes – Part 2 How to avoid the most common financial mistakes – Part 3 General … Continued


Episode 11

The security illusion

Having a job and a regular wage is comforting and secure, except if you lose that job.   UK stats say that 45% of workers will be made redundant at least once in their working life.  I’d expect the Australian numbers would be much the same. Resources & Links Blog Article General Advice Warning


Self-Employment & Side Hustles

Episode 10

Is your ladder against the wrong wall?

How long since you’ve taken a step back from your professional life and considered where it’s taking you?  Is your current professional activity taking you to somewhere you want to be in 10 or 20 years?  Is it leading you towards inner happiness? Resources & Links Blog Article General Advice Warning


Episode 9

When bad luck strikes – how cancer impacted Jenny’s life and the financial lessons learned

When thinking about financial autonomy we are typically talking about medium to long term goals, and then developing strategies to get to those goals. The transition then is a planned one. What if your transition was thrust upon you? I met someone recently who faced this challenge, and with her permission, I thought it was … Continued


Episode 8

Divorce – how to bounce back financially

Financial Autonomy is about managing and planning for major transitions in life. A transition that many of us face unfortunately is divorce. I understand researchers have found that going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful things you can experience in life. As a financial planner, I often work with clients who … Continued


Saving Strategy

Episode 7

How to retire early – 5 things you could do to gain financial independence

Many people that I speak to seek freedom from the need to clock on and clock off.  To not be answerable to a boss. To not having to devote time and energy to things that they’re not passionate about, just for the pay. The dream therefore becomes to retire early, and the sooner the better. … Continued



Episode 6

Financial Autonomy success story – how Nish escaped the corporate world and pursued his passion

I’ve known Nish for over 25 years.  He was there when I started my first job out of school, and over the years our careers and lives intersected. These days, as well as being a friend, Nish and his family are also clients.  For many years Nish was a financial planner, even running his own … Continued


Saving Strategy

Episode 4

How to analyse the financials when buying a business

One fantastic and I find often overlooked way to achieve financial autonomy is to buy an existing business.  In comparison to starting your own business where cash flow starts at zero and you need to support yourself whilst the business becomes self-sustaining (refer episode 1), when you buy an existing business, you have cash flow … Continued


Episode 3

What is financial autonomy and how to begin the journey towards financial independence

I’ve named this podcast Financial Autonomy. So what is Financial Autonomy? What does it mean? Well that’s what we’re going to explore in today’s podcast I’ll give you a big hint – Financial Autonomy is about gaining choices in life. Buckle up – let’s dive in! Resources & Links Blog Article General Advice Warning


Saving Strategy