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Episode 100

Listener Q & A

Thanks for joining us for another Financial Autonomy episode. We’ve got a bit of a change in the normal routine today, because today is Episode 100 and I don’t want to pass through that milestone without doing something a little bit special. I’ve asked our Gaining Choice subscribers for their top Financial Autonomy questions. I’ve … Continued



Saving Strategy

Self-Employment & Side Hustles


Episode 88

Emily Wallace – tips and traps when buying a property

A discussion on property is well overdue here at Financial Autonomy. So I’ve roped in Buyers Advocate Emily Wallace to share with us her expert tips and advice for buying a property in Australia. General Advice Warning


Episode 85

How to get your home loan repaid sooner

Debt is like the leg irons worn by convicts – it holds you back from gaining choice in life, from achieving Financial Autonomy. Yet if we aspire to own a home, then in all likelihood we’re going to need to take out a very significant loan – a home loan. Resources & Links Blog Article … Continued


Episode 54

Pay off the mortgage or invest?

A shout out here to Christine Calnan who emailed me about this dilemma – whether it is best to put your savings towards extra mortgage repayments, or should you instead be investing? This is one that does come up a lot when I’m working with clients, and it’s certainly not a question with a simple … Continued



Episode 34

Tara Lucke – the importance of estate planning for those in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s

Today we chat with Co-founder and consultant Tara Lucke from View Legal about the importance of Estate planning. Though it is not something we like to talk about, it is so important for protecting your assets and loved ones, no matter what stage of life you are at. Resources & Links View Legal General Advice … Continued


Episode 33

First Home Super Saver Scheme – should I care?

We all know that property prices in Australia have gone stupid in recent years.  One significant consequence of that has been that first home buyers have found it increasingly difficult to enter the property market.  Banks like to see at least a 10% deposit, and in the ideal world you’d have a 20% deposit to … Continued


Episode 19

I can’t buy a home, am I financially doomed?

There’s a template that all Australian’s are meant to follow. Study, enter the workforce, buy a house, raise kids, pay off a mortgage, retire. It’s served us pretty well for the past 100 years or so, so you know the saying about if it ain’t broke… But for an increasing number of Australian’s this model … Continued