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Episode 5

How to be financially ready to start a family

Starting a family is a huge step in a great many of our lives. Bringing a new little human into the world. So much hope. Scary too! Completely life changing. Financial Autonomy is about you taking control of your finances, and not being controlled by your finances. The focus of this audio blog is to … Continued

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Episode 3

What is financial autonomy and how to begin the journey towards financial independence

I’ve named this podcast Financial Autonomy. So what is Financial Autonomy? What does it mean? Well that’s what we’re going to explore in today’s podcast I’ll give you a big hint – Financial Autonomy is about gaining choices in life. Buckle up – let’s dive in! Resources & Links Blog Article General Advice Warning


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Episode 2

Redundancy – what a great opportunity

Redundancy – not something most of us like to contemplate. Yet it is a reality for many of us in our working life. So rather than redundancy being seen as something negative, let’s flip it around – your redundancy could be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Resources & Links Blog Article … Continued

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