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5 Strategies to Achieve Financial Independence in Your 40’s and 50’s

The focus of our podcast is to help you gain choice through the achievement of what I’ve called Financial Autonomy. A very close cousin of the idea of financial autonomy is Financial Independence. Financial independence is the concept of owning assets that produce income such that it is not necessary for you to engage in … Continued


Solving the Asset Rich, Cash Poor Problem at Retirement

Given the large increases seen in property values in recent decades, combined with more and more of us living well into our 90s, the problem of being asset rich and cash poor is becoming increasingly common. Another way to frame this problem is something an old neighbour said to me once, “Paul, you can’t eat … Continued

Tax Implications Upon Receiving an Inheritance

One of the most common reasons for a new client joining us here at Guidance is due to the receipt of an inheritance, whether a traditional one upon the passing of a close family member, or increasingly frequently, an early inheritance where the family member has determined that they have assets in excess of their needs and … Continued

Maximising your most valuable asset with Shelly Johnson

This week joining me on the podcast is Shelley Johnson, who, in addition to hosting the My Millenial Career podcast, recently co-authored a book with a friend of the podcast, Glen James from My Millenial Money. Their new book is called Sort Your Career Out. This is a great fit with our goal of gaining … Continued

What’s on Australian’s minds right now with Glen James from My Millennial Money

This week on the Financial Autonomy podcast I chat with the always fun and insightful Glen James, host of the My Millenial Money podcast. Glen and his team have just wrapped up a tour around Australia chatting to the MMM tribe, so I wanted to ask him “what’s on people’s minds right now when it … Continued


The Balancing Act

How do we juggle the desire to save for the future, with the need to live life to the fullest today? Is 6 months of backpacking around Europe in your 20’s more valuable than being able to buy a beach house in your 50s? Is pushing hard on the mortgage today the wisest course, or … Continued

How to use the Greatest Tax Perk in Australia

In this week’s episode, I break down how some of our clients have used the incredibly generous capital gains tax exemption for primary residences.


How to Convert Great Income into Financial Security

One of the most common reasons clients engage us through the Financial Autonomy programme is a realisation that all their hard work is not translating into financial wealth and security. It generally seems to be that people in this predicament have put all their energy and focus into developing their careers and therefore just haven’t … Continued


Building Wealth Efficently

You’re busy with your career and personal life. You don’t need your wealth creation plan to suck up hours of each week. So how can you best put your earnings capacity to work to secure choices for you down the road, without the plan adding to your already full schedule? This week I’m sharing 7 … Continued


The 3 Pathways to Financial Autonomy

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, and certainly if you’ve read my book, you’ll be aware that we adhere to a framework in helping people gain choice. A core element of that framework is the three pathways. The entire Financial Autonomy framework, and in particular these three pathways, are the product … Continued



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Self-Employment & Side Hustles

The Evolution of FIRE with Jillian Johnsrud

In this episode, I chat with Jillian Johnsrud, host of the Every Day Courage podcast and author of a new book Fire the Haters. The focus of our discussion is the evolution of FIRE. Jillian and her husband retired early and Jillian shares her experiences. Find Jillian on Twitter and Insta: @jillianjohnsrud

Self-Employment & Side Hustles

Sort Your Money Out with Glen James

This week I talk to Glen James of the My Millennial Money podcast. Glen has recently released a book – Sort Your Money Out & Get Invested (check it out here), a comprehensive guide to all things money management in Glen’s uniquely engaging style. We discuss: the Investor vs Saver mindset Glen’s “Money House” concept Money Hacks and … Continued


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