ARK Invest Deep Dive

Financial Autonomy - ARK Invest Deep Dive
Financial Autonomy - ARK Invest Deep Dive

If you ever need an example of the saying being in the right place at the right time ARK Invest would be the perfect illustration. Over the course of 2020 their assets under management grew from US$3.5billion, to US$41.5billion, growth of over 1000% in a single year, as their listed funds possessed all the stock names that investors were clamouring for.


Perhaps you’ve heard of ARK, or its founder Cathie Wood. They’re frequently mentioned in passing on stock market related podcasts or in press. Justin and I regularly mention both of them in Market Noise. But if you’re like me, you perhaps only know a little of the surface level story. So I thought I’d take the time to use this wonderous thing we call the internet to learn all that I could about ARK, it’s founder, and why they are relevant to us investors today. I hope you enjoy.

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