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Financial Autonomy - Investment Power-Ups
Financial Autonomy - Investment Power-Ups

I was binge watching a fictional Netflix series last week about a group of 4 guys who had made an app that had become a huge hit, Angry Birds style.
Each of the 4 guys had particular skills, and there was a scene where one of the guys was feeling pretty lost. He bemoaned to his friend how such and such was great at art, another coding, and the 3rd guy, the one he was speaking to, was great at game design. But he asked, what was he in the group for?
His friend considered this for a moment and said, “you know what you are in the team for? You’re the power-ups. When we were just about to run out of money, you went out and found more. When Johnny went off the rails, you brought him back. You hired some key people without whom, none of this success would have happened. And you made us all rich when you found a buyer willing buy our business. So, yeah, you’re the power-ups”.
It was a great scene and it really stuck with me. It also made me think about what the power-ups are in the investment world. What are those things that really accelerate your investment plans? Well, I believe there are 3, and that’s what we’ll be exploring in today’s episode.

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