Financial Autonomy - Mini-retirements
Financial Autonomy - Mini-retirements

In several previous posts we’ve looked at strategies to help you achieve early retirement. I’ve often spoken about the fact that early retirement in our Financial Autonomy context doesn’t mean spending all day sitting on the couch watching the Simpsons. Our objective is gaining the flexibility and choice to pursue the things that we’re interested in, and not have our life dictated by the need to earn money.
An alternate way to gain flexibility and choice is through the concept of mini-retirements. Rather than work, work, work until a particular age, and then give things away totally, the idea of mini-retirements is that during your working life you step away and take meaningful breaks, to refresh, recharge, and explore life and the world. A mini-retirement might be 3 months long or it might be 3 years, but the idea is that you will take this time, and then return back to the income generating world. Often people planning around this approach will target several mini-retirements in their working life. For instance I know of a person whose goal is to take 6 months off every 5 years.

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