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Episode 63

Crackle & Pop! – Why do investment markets have bubbles?

If you’ve ever seen a graph of any share market, you will know that whilst over the long term it tends to go up, the graph isn’t a straight line. Markets will go up, up, up over several years, only to fall back for a year or two, before re-starting their upward climb. Research on … Continued


Episode 62

Putting the puzzle together – 4 essential elements to achieving your big life goals

Here at Financial Autonomy, our focus is typically on the money side of how you achieve your goals and gain the choice in life that you deserve. But of course, achieving big goals requires more than just a financial solution. And so in today’s post we’re going to take a step back and consider things … Continued


Saving Strategy

Episode 61

Have your 20’s set you up for financial failure?

Habits. Human brains love them! Any time we can go on auto-pilot, we jump at it. Author Samuel Johnson observed, “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken”. I also like a quote from Agatha Christie on the subject “Curious things, habits. People themselves never … Continued


Saving Strategy

Episode 60

Mike Lewis – When to Jump

Today in the episode, we interview the author of When To Jump, Mike Lewis. The book is about changing careers or starting your own business. General Advice Warning


Self-Employment & Side Hustles

Episode 59

The Beauty of the Worst Case

Do you remember those Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbooks that were around everywhere about a decade ago? How to land a light aircraft if the pilot has a heart attack, or how to survive a bear attack. I don’t know if they extended to surviving a zombie apocalypse, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they … Continued


Episode 58

Investment basics – Active vs Passive investment – what’s it about and, our approach

When I started my career in investment markets almost 20 years ago all the investment options were what we’d now call Active. We didn’t call them that at the time, it was just the standard way that money was managed. Passive investment had been around for some time, pushed primarily by John Boggle of Vanguard … Continued


Episode 57

4 Hour Work Week – still relevant today?

Originally published in 2007, The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, made some huge waves upon its release. It also laid foundations for its author that continue to this day. Indeed anyone who’s ever browsed the iTunes podcast charts will have come across Tim Ferriss, whose self-named show is regularly towards the top. As … Continued


Episode 56

Are you playing offence or defence?

All sports have elements of offensive and defensive play. And whether you play Netball, soccer, cricket or basketball, your team must constantly strike a balance between the two. In pursuing your Financial Autonomy goal, you too must find a balance that will see your goals achieved in an acceptable time frame, whilst also enabling you … Continued


Episode 55

Tim’s big jump – from bank manager to primary school teacher

Today in the episode, we talk to Tim Lavrey’s career change story from being a bank manager to a preschool teacher. General Advice Warning


Episode 54

Pay off the mortgage or invest?

A shout out here to Christine Calnan who emailed me about this dilemma – whether it is best to put your savings towards extra mortgage repayments, or should you instead be investing? This is one that does come up a lot when I’m working with clients, and it’s certainly not a question with a simple … Continued



Episode 53

Investment Power-Ups

I was binge watching a fictional Netflix series last week about a group of 4 guys who had made an app that had become a huge hit, Angry Birds style. Each of the 4 guys had particular skills, and there was a scene where one of the guys was feeling pretty lost. He bemoaned to … Continued


Episode 52


In several previous posts we’ve looked at strategies to help you achieve early retirement. I’ve often spoken about the fact that early retirement in our Financial Autonomy context doesn’t mean spending all day sitting on the couch watching the Simpsons. Our objective is gaining the flexibility and choice to pursue the things that we’re interested … Continued


Saving Strategy