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Episode 26

Shaun Farrugia – Could a trust structure turbo charge your wealth creation?

Following on from Episode 23 on Multi-Phase solutions for Retirement  we are joined today by Shaun Farrugia from Optimised Accounting to talk all things Trusts. Check out our free download  Multi-Phase solution for Early Retirement Resources & Links Multi-Phase solutions for Retirement Optimised Accounting The Multi-Phase Approach – Free Download General Advice Warning


Episode 25

My 68% return. The power of gearing – how smart borrowing can accelerate your journey to financial autonomy

Way back in 1996 I bought my first home.  It was a two bedroom flat in a very ugly brown brick building, probably built in the 70’s with nothing done since.  It wasn’t flash but it was within my budget and in a good location close to town – Kew for the Melbournites.  I paid … Continued


Episode 24

So what is Bitcoin?

In this episode we are joined by ICT professional and cryptocurrency expert Ivan Jasenovic, who describes himself as having his head in the cloud, his soul on the Blockchain, and his heart in decentralized Healthcare. General Advice Warning


Episode 23

Early retirement – the multi-phase approach for Australians

The goal of early retirement is one many Australians aspire too.  And certainly, when thinking about achieving Financial Autonomy, retiring early is very often baked into those goals. But what is the best way to bring that goal to reality, given the uniqueness of our system – superannuation, franking credits, negative gearing, and means tested … Continued



Episode 22

Ruby Lee – Side Hustler and Career Guru

In this next interview episode on the Financial Autonomy Podcast we chat to Ruby Lee the founder of The Careers Emporium and head of HR at Cogent. General Advice Warning

Self-Employment & Side Hustles

Episode 21

The side hustle – your ticket to Financial Autonomy?

What do Apple, Nike, Under Armour, Instagram, and Groupon all have in common? It’s not just that they’re hugely successful, multibillion dollar companies.  They also share a common birth – they all started life as side projects of their founders. Resources & Links Blog Article General Advice Warning

Self-Employment & Side Hustles

Episode 20

Adam Murray of Subtle Disruptors – taking control of his life

In my next interview episode on the Financial Autonomy Podcast we chat to Adam Murray from the Subtle Disruptors Podcast.   Resources & Links Subtle Disruptors – Podcast General Advice Warning


Episode 19

I can’t buy a home, am I financially doomed?

There’s a template that all Australian’s are meant to follow. Study, enter the workforce, buy a house, raise kids, pay off a mortgage, retire. It’s served us pretty well for the past 100 years or so, so you know the saying about if it ain’t broke… But for an increasing number of Australian’s this model … Continued


Episode 18

Felicity’s transformation from New York Fashion Journalist to Digital Creative Director

In our first interview episode on the Financial Autonomy Podcast with talk with Felicity Loughrey. She shares her career transition journey from journalism to advertising that spanned across two continents. General Advice Warning


Self-Employment & Side Hustles

Episode 17

Procrastination – 9 tips to combat this number one killer of Financial Autonomy dreams

How hard is it to get started?  I’m sure we’ve all had things that either need to be done, or that we’d like to do, but we put them off – shift them to the bottom of the pile or check out our Facebook feed instead. Procrastination is evil, and it afflicts us all at … Continued


Episode 16

Getting your debt under control doesn’t need to be difficult

How good would life be if you were debt free? No mortgage payments, or car loans.  No credit cards.  Imagine the weight off your shoulders.  The financial freedom you would gain.  The financial autonomy. Of course many people, probably most people, achieve debt free status over their working life.  This episode is not for those … Continued

Saving Strategy

Episode 15

The Sharemarket – A beginner’s guide

If you catch a snippet of the radio in the morning on your way to work, you’re likely to hear what happened to the Dow Jones overnight. If you read your news online or watch the news on TV it’s likely you’ll hear about the All Ords or maybe the ASX200.  You might even come … Continued