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How did Ashleigh Page create Adventure Travel Pro?

Entrepreneurial inspiration here. One of the Financial Autonomy pathways to gaining choice is starting a business or side hustle. This week I talk to Ashleigh Page from Adventure Travel Pro about her journey in creating this exciting new business and how past endeavours have shaped her latest adventure.   Adventure Travel Pro website.  

Self-Employment & Side Hustles


Listener Questions – Episode 200

A HUGE thank you for supporting the show over almost 4 years now. The podcast wouldn’t exist without the support of you guys, and so this week it’s all about listener questions. Check it out, I hope you love it.



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Self-Employment & Side Hustles



Non-traditional property investment with Property Investory host Tyrone Shum

This week I speak with the host of the popular Property Investory podcast, Tyrone Shum. Tyrone is passionate about property as an investment vehicle, but he’s thinking about things a little differently to the normal buy and hold a residential property plan. I know you’ll get plenty out of this one.



Investing in apartments and units with strata lawyer Amanda Farmer

In this weeks episode we talk all things apartments and strata properties. My guest is Amanda Farmer, host of the Your Strata Property podcast, and a practising strata lawyer in Sydney. Whether you’re considering buying an apartment as an investor, or as an owner-occupier, Amanda has some tips here that could save you thousands of … Continued



5 Strategies to Maximise Income for Couples – Episode 195

Couples can have a distinct advantage when it comes to building wealth and achieving financial autonomy provided they maximize the opportunities available to them.   Let’s take a look at 5 opportunities you might be able to use.   You can also read this piece here.   A 1 page checklist of these strategies can … Continued



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Property Market Update + Insider Tips with Emily Wallace

This week I chat with buyers agent Emily Wallace about the state of the property market around the country, where the opportunities are, and I also asked for some tips on what to look for at an open for inspection, what to do when making an offer, and some advice for sellers to help them … Continued


Episode: 192

GainingCHOICE as a creative with Tess McCabe

Not only is Tess McCabe the genius behind the cover of my Financial Autonomy book, she’s also a creative freelance extraordinaire!   In this episode, we discuss the positive and negative elements of being a freelancer, her career journey and how she’s moved between being an employee and being self-employed, and the outlook for creative … Continued

Self-Employment & Side Hustles


Cartoonist to online business Yoda – Sean D’Souza

This week I speak with Sean D’Souza, host of the Three Week Vacation podcast. Sean shares his journey from successful cartoonist to building an online business helping other businesses succeed at marketing.

Self-Employment & Side Hustles

Episode 186

Happiness via a life reboot

In this episode, Financial Autonomy listener Katrina shares how she reinvented her life, from a high-stress, inner-city role in the police force, to a new life in a regional town, with some internet dating success to stir into the mix. A fun and inspiring story that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.


Episode 184

Making Serious Money on Youtube

After only 9 months since launch, this Youtuber is making over $2,000 per month from his channel. In this week’s episode he shares how he’s done it, from the equipment needed, growing an audience, and time commitment involved.    

Episode 182

Resiliency through challenging times with Adam Ford

From radio and publishing to hosting his own TV show, and today being self-employed in one of the industries hardest hit by the COVID pandemic – tourism – Adam Ford of the Big Bus Tour and Travel Guide, shares with us his journey and how he’s created the resiliency to succeed. An inspiring story that … Continued

Self-Employment & Side Hustles

Episode 181

Market Outlook for 2021 – Vanguard and VanEck’s forecasts and what it might mean for you if they’re right

In this episode I review two 2021 Outlook reports, one produced by Vanguard the second largest fund manager in the world , and one from VanEck . I’ve pulled out these two because they have some consistency in their views, but also some differences and I thought that might be useful to you guys in … Continued