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Cartoonist to online business Yoda – Sean D’Souza

This week I speak with Sean D’Souza, host of the Three Week Vacation podcast. Sean shares his journey from successful cartoonist to building an online business helping other businesses succeed at marketing.

Self-Employment & Side Hustles

Episode 186

Happiness via a life reboot

In this episode, Financial Autonomy listener Katrina shares how she reinvented her life, from a high-stress, inner-city role in the police force, to a new life in a regional town, with some internet dating success to stir into the mix. A fun and inspiring story that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.


Episode 184

Making Serious Money on Youtube

After only 9 months since launch, this Youtuber is making over $2,000 per month from his channel. In this week’s episode he shares how he’s done it, from the equipment needed, growing an audience, and time commitment involved.    

Episode 182

Resiliency through challenging times with Adam Ford

From radio and publishing to hosting his own TV show, and today being self-employed in one of the industries hardest hit by the COVID pandemic – tourism – Adam Ford of the Big Bus Tour and Travel Guide, shares with us his journey and how he’s created the resiliency to succeed. An inspiring story that … Continued

Self-Employment & Side Hustles

Episode 181

Market Outlook for 2021 – Vanguard and VanEck’s forecasts and what it might mean for you if they’re right

In this episode I review two 2021 Outlook reports, one produced by Vanguard the second largest fund manager in the world , and one from VanEck . I’ve pulled out these two because they have some consistency in their views, but also some differences and I thought that might be useful to you guys in … Continued

Episode 180

How to increase your returns by over 5%

Russell Investments recently released a research report – 2020 Value of an Adviser – where they explore where a financial advice relationship can add value for investors. Today I speak with Bronwyn Yates, Head of Client and Business Solutions at Russell Investments to share with us what they learned. We also discuss when in your … Continued



Episode 178

How can you Invest in your Career – with Emily & Shelly from My Millenial Career

In the Financial Autonomy podcast, we normally talk about traditional investments – stocks and property.   But today I wanted to discuss another type of investment you can make which can help you hugely in achieving financial autonomy and gaining choice. That is investing your career.   I’m joined by Emily and Shelly, career and … Continued


Episode 177

Year in review, and what’s coming up in 2021

In this week’s episode, we look at the year just gone and pull back the curtain to reveal some of the things that have happened here at Financial Autonomy. Then we share with you what we’ve got coming up in 2021.   I hope you enjoy this episode. Thanks for your support and have a … Continued



Saving Strategy

Self-Employment & Side Hustles


Episode 176

CASE STUDY – How Financial Autonomy community member Jason Watts Gained Choice in rural Victoria – Episode 176

Today I’m speaking with a Financial Autonomy community member. Jason emailed me to share a bit about his journey and it was so interesting I asked him to come on the podcast and share it with everyone – I think you’ll find this one really inspirational.


Self-Employment & Side Hustles

Episode 174

Property Management for Investors with Jeremy Goldschmidt from RentBetter

There’s always plenty of tips and advice when it comes to buying an investment property, but very little on what you do after you have purchased. This week’s podcast episode addresses that. I speak with Jeremy Goldschmidt from RentBetter about all things property management for investors.



Property – Yes or No with Veronica Morgan – Episode 172

This week I chat with Foxtel’s Location, Location, Location co-host Veronica Morgan and challenge her on some of the current narratives around property investment. Veronica’s a woman of strong opinions which made for a fun and entertaining chat.



Episode 171

Post Election US Market Update with Amy Irvine in New York – Episode 171

This week I speak with New York based financial planner Amy Irvine to learn what’s happening there right now, and what it means for investors.   Disclaimer