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Success Story

Jonathon Hawkins completed the Invest in Shares with Confidence course recently, here he shares his experience.


Tell us about your situation prior to undertaking this course

I started a new career about 6 years ago in the automotive industry. My eyes were opened up to earning potentials with commission based income. I had a chance to start working towards some kind of financial independence.

After reading the barefoot investor some years ago, I set about culling personal loans and bad debt. I knuckled down and paid off all debt besides my mortgage. The mortgage was next to go but I soon realised spending the next 10-15 years paying extra payments off the mortgage was going to be uninspiring and a long slog.

About 12 months ago I was looking for a new podcast to listen to at the gym and come across Financial Autonomy by Paul. I found the material was not too hard to understand and I started to think a lot about diversification, I had all my money tied up in real estate, and was still in the position of wanting to be rid of the mortgage. Shares seemed like a good place to start!

I had heard Paul talk about long term share strategies before and I was curious. I started to look at share prices on the internet and realised if I was actually going to do this I wanted to understand as much as possible, I have heard too many bad stories of people who lost a lot of money in shares but then also heard a lot of success stories. The decision was made to do the course to give myself the best chance of making a half-educated decision before investing.


Now that you’ve completed the course, what has changed?

Before the course I knew there was a share market and you could buy shares at a certain price. The prices went up and prices went down, that’s about all I knew!

Now I have an understanding of exactly why a company is listed on the share market, why you can receive dividends, what franking credits are, as well as EFT’s etc. My decision on where I invest my money has logic to it and gives me confidence in my plan or strategy.


How did the course help you make that change?

The course is broken into sections, I took my time with the course to try and make sure I had a sound understanding of each section. The video’s along with simplified explanations of each section made it easy to understand and learn. There were topics covered that gave great examples of different strategies that may work for some goals or not for others. Reading reports on individual shares and what P/E ratio’s etc mean gave me the basic understanding or platform to start researching before investing.


What were your doubts before enrolling?

I did not have many doubts about the course as I had already listened to Paul on his podcasts and enjoyed his style of teaching. My only doubt was the price of the course, but once I realised how much I did not know and that the money was an investment in itself I was soon comfortable signing up.


Learn more about Invest in Shares with Confidence, by clicking here.

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