The Financial Autonomy Journey

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The Financial Autonomy Journey

I put this diagram together yesterday to explain the central framework that we are working to here at Financial Autonomy.

Anyone who successfully achieves Financial Autonomy will employ at least one, and usually two or three of these approaches.
The self-employment route spotlights the difference between Financial Independence and Financial Autonomy.  Financial Autonomy success is in gaining choice in life, and that may be achieved through gaining flexibility in the hours you commit to income generation. So a move to self-employment might actually mean less income, but if it leads to the choice that you are seeking, then you are making progress (perhaps succeeding) in achieving your Financial Autonomy goal.
When we plan out the content that we produce, I think in terms of the 3 major streams covered in this graphic – Investing in Shares, Investing in Property, and Building a Business or becoming Self Employed.
So in the shares basket, we have our Investing: How to get Started free toolkit, our online course Invest in Shares with Confidence, and plenty of blog and podcast posts.
Investing in property is a space I plan to devote more energy to in 2020, however our interview with buyer advocate Emily Wallace in episode 88 certainly provided some high-quality tips.
And then the building a business stream picks up all our Side Hustle content, such as our One-Page Side Hustle Business Plan free download, that is consistently popular, and of course our interview with Mr Side Hustle Nick Loper in episode 117.
None of this wealth creation can happen though without you first having your cash flow optimised. Without savings, you’re not able to build a share portfolio, make repayments on a property loan, or fund a runaway for you start your own business. So that’s why we built the short course Cash Flow Mastery. Most money writers will have one way that they advocate for maximising your savings and making every dollar count. We took a different approach.
In Cash Flow Mastery, we explain 6 different money management strategies, and provide an easy to use Self Assessment tool, so you can determine which strategy is most like to suit you. We even show a “Plan B” option in case the first one doesn’t quite resonate.
We’re keen to get as many people as possible on the Financial Autonomy journey, so we’ve made the Cash Flow Mastery course only $9 to ensure everyone has access.
So there you have it, our framework for the journey to Financial Autonomy. I hope we’re able to help you gain the choice in life that you deserve.

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