The Money Book that Gives you Choice

Determine your goals, maximise your savings, and find your pathway to Financial Autonomy and gaining the choice in life that you deserve.

What's in the book?

What's in the book?


Define Success

Goal-setting with purpose.


Cash Flow

Cash flow mastery and six strategies to maximise your savings.


Invest in stocks

Stock market foundations and Investment selection and strategy.


Invest in property

Cash flow and debt, and property selection and strategy.



Side hustles, idea validation, strategy, pricing, profit, and money stuff.



A free downloadable workbook so you can develop your unique Financial Autonomy plan. was like talking to a friend at a coffee shop. For those who have not read the book yet, it's not going to tell you where to buy property or what companies to buy shares in so you can become a multi-millionaire. It's not even about getting rich. It's really a book that gets you thinking about your own life and what you want your future to look like whether in a month's time or 10 years from now (or possibly both). The content is easy to understand and the self-assessment quizzes and workbook sections are great too. Investing in shares still scares me but after reading this book it scares me less.

Louise Sherry

Paul writes in a way that takes you from not knowing how or where to begin with money to having the confidence to make real changes after one reading session. The 5 steps outlined in this book are a testament to Paul’s practical experience with helping hundreds of people, face-to-face over the years. Put simply, Paul knows what works and in what order. If you have no idea about your money life or perhaps are after some encouragement as your plans have drifted – this book is for you. For me it is refreshing to read something easy to understand with lots of visual prompts and I’d encourage you to lean to the gold within.

Glen James, my millennial money

Financial Autonomy is a holistic guidebook to your financial future. Rather than just advising "how to invest" or "how to get rich", Paul outlines 3 distinct — but possibly overlapping — strategies to build wealth and freedom. Or choice. Or independence. Or autonomy. Most importantly, he'll help you analyze your true financial goals and needs to help you choose the right path for you.

Nick Loper, The Side Hustle Show

A clear, sensible and straightforward guide to take control of your money and put you on the path to financial independence.

Stephen Miles, Investment Editor, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

As a young Australian, I strongly relate to Paul's message of taking back financial control over your life and know first hand just how empowering it is to do so. Many people discuss shares and property as the way to reach financial independence, however, Paul has started the conversation about a third way, starting a business. Paul has packed Financial Autonomy with fantastic examples of what this could look like and has the knowledge and experience to back it up. I would highly recommend Financial Autonomy to anyone looking to explore their options, in regaining control over their financial life.

Kate Campbell, How to Money

If you're looking for a digestible, results-driven book to take control of your finances, then this is the book for you. A must-read.

Bryce Leske, Equity Mates

I really enjoyed reading Paul’s book. He made what can be complex financial concepts incredibly simple to understand. The book also covered a wide scope including investing in property, shares and even starting a business or side hustle, which is very valuable. Perhaps the thing I enjoyed the most was that is was very practical and relatable with plenty of real life examples, checklists and quizzes.

Stuart Wemyss, Investopoly

Tired of the one size fits all approaches espoused by the usual money experts?

Tired of the one size fits all approaches espoused by the usual money experts?

You’re unique. In Financial Autonomy – the money book that gives you choice, I provide Self-Assessment tools so you can choose from the 6 different cash flow management approaches to optimise your savings, and the 3 different strategic pathways to gain choice. All so you can develop a strategy that’s right for you.

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